Gold Standard Television | About Us
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Todd Hoffman

Hoffman is best known as the star and creator of Discovery Channel’s #1 international unscripted series hit “Gold Rush,” which has enjoyed 7 successful seasons on the network and has an overall global reach of 171 million viewers. Hoffman is a gold miner who partnered with the U.K.’s RAW Television to create and develop the show based on his life, and is still actively involved in the production of the ongoing series.

Jose Behar

Prior to founding Gold Standard TV, Behar served as Electric Entertainment’s Head of Business Development and Distribution and co-produced several projects including TNT’s hit show “Leverage,” “Brain Trust,” “Bounty Hunter” and TNT’s latest hit “The Librarians.” Behar helped launch Electric Entertainment's International Sales Division alongside Dean Devlin and was responsible for negotiating major deals with companies such as InDemand, Hulu, Netflix, Fox Entertainment, Sony Entertainment and the Endemol/Shine Group among others.